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About is a meeting place for people who want to make Outlook work harder for themselves and their organizations by learning how to program applications for their own use and to share with others. You might be an administrator helping the help desk, a power user learning how to write Outlook macros, or a developer trying to integrate Outlook with another application. No matter whether you are a beginner or an expert, you are welcome to share code and discuss Outlook programming issues here.

Both the discussion forums and code sample libraries are segmented into broad topic categories:

  • Basic Outlook
  • Outlook Form Design
  • Outlook Expert Techniques
  • Outlook and .NET
  • Code Essentials

In addition, each code sample is categorized as beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

Besides the samples in the Share Code section of the site, you can also download the sample code and errata for Sue Mosher's Outlook programming books.

Please note that this site’s mission does not include either Outlook Express or Exchange Server programming.

A Word from Our Sponsor was founded and run for many years by Sue Mosher, an experienced journalist, technology manager and software developer, the author of hundreds of articles and seven books on Microsoft Outlook. Now is owned by Add-in Express Ltd., which is a privately held company located in Homel, Belarus. Established in 1998, Add-in Express is the pioneer of tools and solutions in the Microsoft Office integration industry.

We do hope that this site will encourage you to buy Sue’s books and Add-in Express products, which will give you knowledge and means to become a confident and competent Outlook programmer.

Code Sample Disclaimer

None of the code samples posted here carry any warranty, explicit or implicit, of their fitness for a particular use. You download and use them at your own risk and are strongly urged not to run any sample that you do not thoroughly understand. You should always back up both code and data before running any of these samples.

Plain Language Privacy Policy

You do not need to register on this site if you only want to participate in the forums or code sample libraries. We do require you to register if you want to download the book’s sample code; this will enable us to contact you about updates to the sample code. We will not provide your name and address to any third party without your consent.

Registration will make it easier for you to participate in the forums and code libraries, because you will not have to type in your name and email address and can more easily review threads you have participated in or code samples you've posted. We ask for your name and address when you post in the forums or add a code sample, so that we can contact you directly if there is a question about your post or sample. Email addresses are kept private and will not be provided to any third party without your consent.

Newest Resources

Creating an add-in for Outlook 2013 - 2003 with a single code base -- The video demonstrates how to support all versions of Outlook 2013 – 2000 in one project using Visual Studio 2012.

Advanced Outlook Form and View Regions -- An extension of Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) 2008, 2010 and 2012 that allows customizing Outlook forms and views with any .NET controls.

Auto BCC Outlook add-in -- Automatically creates bcc/cc copies of your outgoing emails based on flexible rules.

Print all attachments at once using VBA -- Udi Shitrit shows how to use the Win32 to print all of a message's attachments -- no need to know the file types involved.

Outlook 2010 MAPI Reference -- Official Microsoft reference for MAPI development against Outlook 2010. Header files are also available.

(Less than) Portable Search Folders -- Stephen Griffin explains why search folders created by Outlook object model code may not always work and offers a partial solution.

How to programmatically select a custom Form Region -- Helmut Obertanner demonstrates, with screen shots, how to create a form region for an Outlook 2007 contact form and add a button to the Ribbon to switch the Inspector display to the region.

Customize the built-in Outlook Select Names dialog (or any other) -- Helmut Obertanner demonstrates how to intercept an built-in Outlook dialog and display instead a custom .NET form.

Outlook Forms Step by Step -- Create a check request form and make it available on the company intranet with this 16-part illustrated guide.

Duplicate Email Remover for Outlook -- This add-in can find duplicated messages by looking at the text in the message body, headers, subject and attachments.

Reply to an email with a template -- Template Phrases add-in for Outlook allows inserting frequently-typed text into an e-mail message in a click.

Making a Custom Ribbon Appear Only for a Custom Outlook Form -- Norm Estabrook from the VSTO team shows how to make custom tabs, groups and controls appear only in cases where the user opens a custom form in Outlook.

Outlook Context Menus and Creating a Meeting from an Email -- Short video demonstrating how to create a context menu command for sending a meeting request to recipients of an email message. Note: The Inspector wrapper class is extraneous and overcomplicates the project.

How to get the IWin32Window for Outlook -- This C# class from Helmut Obertanner could be used to pass the Outlook as parent to .Net Forms and Messageboxes to prevent those UI elements from being hidden by Outlook windows.

Additional custom panel in Microsoft Outlook -- Lukas Neumann uses Windows API techniques to hack the Outlook user interface and add a custom panel in the Explorer window.

Hot Code Samples

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Create task from e-mail message (revised)...
OL2007: Run all rules against inbox
C# AddIn sample: InspectorWrapper & CommandBar...
Reply with Attachments
Send Word document as message
Insert user signature with VBA
Set color label on appointment
Set email account signature in Outlook 2003...

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