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Title: the officials
Description: Also have to think about the current of the cadre and personnel system, the leading power factors which cannot be ignored and shadow,
Date: 27-May-2015  20:50
Code level: intermediate
Code area: Code Essentials
Posted by: admin
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 From the perspective of the expression of fu zhihuan, his strong will to power is mainly manifested in three aspects: one is to when on the railways minister, because fu had made it clear that its not appropriate railways minister, under the current system of this kind of circumstance also is relatively rare, suggests Mr Liu's energy is not simple, this is, of course, is a strong will to power caused by power. Second, stop, and against the reform, so as to realize the full power, so that the more the farther. 3 it is to negate the former working train of thought, which is unthinkable. Perhaps with this strong will to power, liu's work is very hard, to everywhere in the office for home, to work, because he has a goal and motivation, it is further promotion, further to power. Under the current reality, an official is to carefully consider hard, want to consider the motive, to satisfy his will to power and interests, or really for the party and the people's cause. JiJianYe in nanjing mayor, I'm afraid is also very hard, to dismantle to build, finally won the title of a quarter of a digging, look for the cause of the party and the people, in fact what hidden behind the strong desire of power and dirty deal, and shady. Power, for the current officials, is a double-edged sword . Key lies in how you look at power, power use, if you put the power as a target, or enjoy, it will inevitably bound by power. However, we must seriously reflect on a problem, every lok ma corrupt officials, are similar strong desire of power, or you won't go there, then, is the power of these corrupt officials who mining? And who gave them power stage and opportunities? From system level, the power restriction and supervision mechanism is weak link, the gap to power in a runaway. From the ideological concept and the environment, the ranking of privilege, officials get rich thoughts in many officials are deeply rooted in the heart, as well as some on the system arrangement, the officials in today's society became a sought-after identity, has the important status of success label, everyone is proud of officer, officer to pursue, have such environment, how does not inspire some officials will to power?
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