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Title: It is some of
Description: It is some of our organization, often distorted To protect the cadre The idea, to remind and processing as a Against the cadre ,
Date: 27-May-2015  20:52
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Posted by: admin
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 tends to make some useless rules and regulations, on the shape and cultivate some officials will to power is strong, make their hidden rules apply to skilled freely, it is actually a naked corruption. Corruption of choose and employ persons, must be derived from a series of corruption, corruption while litres of officials, would be more slippery, but for this kind of situation in the history of choose and employ persons, never rare who responsible for it? In June 2013, approved by the central, former vice governor of anhui province in the central commission for discipline inspection NiFa investigation. 

After more than two months of investigation, the central commission for discipline inspection verify the NiFa division of bribery, it received a large number of jade, accounting for nearly eighty percent of the total amount of the bribery facts also surfaced. At the end of September, NiFa were expelled from, expelled from office dispose, the alleged crime, move send a judiciary processing. (modern express January 7, 2014) to that is, in an organization investigation, NiFa was complain: If organizational remind or early treatment I two years earlier, I cost the country is not so big, he made such a serious mistake. Throughout the However, he has his own time and time again lose the best chance to save myself.

It reminds me of when a son for his mother complained about crime, also think mothe had no strict education him, caused him to be on a path to crime, and the farther the more slippery. Such complaints, how should we go to see, first of all, of the corrupt officials complain that clearly cannot be compared with the education of minors. Minors because not understand things, need a mother's strict education. And a corrupt official should know she holds, whether the organization's education, or the self-restraint, should have the ability. In this sense, if their own mistakes to the organization, is a push to take off, of course, did not get enough from their own reflection is a problem, want from the objective reasons. Second, it also gave our organizational a wake, that is to treat just involved in violations of officials, organizations have really done early warning, early treatment of duty.
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