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Title: a very ordinary
Description: College students' job to I want to achieve the purpose of employment is very beautiful,
Date: 19-Aug-2015  20:06
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Posted by: admin
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Secretary to marry, because the secretary become the pronoun of mistresses. Visible, the extent of social ethos to very bad now. The second is our university students have volunteered to hidden rules. 

Now of college students is not value to learn skills, but value these so-called hidden rules of the society, and to cater to this kind of hidden rules, it is no wonder that the phenomenon of college students become the weekend lover now become normal, it is also shows that the social bad style has serious impact on the campus, make contemporary college students don't study reassuring, normal not learn survival skills, some of the hidden rules in the society: it comes, it is no wonder that college students of the white-haired girl not to marry huang shiren said do not understand, because this, after all, to change their own destiny, employment a step closer, at least can realize curve to apply for a job. This job fair in chengdu college students wanted to use his own beautiful to cover, is a typical voluntary performance of hidden rules. If it goes on like this Ding Dingzhen fear that hidden rules become clear rules. 

Three is fully shows that the present situation of the university graduation is unemployed and has not changed. In recent years, the university graduation is unemployed, but the stability of many universities to recruit students, forcing the students to obtain employment, namely let students cheating, find a fake units, and cover a chapter, said it had jobs, otherwise, will likely get diploma, according to his understanding, a very ordinary university in hunan province, the employment rate reached to 99.5%, but the reality is false, many of the students in order to get a diploma, only false employment. 

Many college students for graduation were fear, in order to be able to obtain employment, can only be achieved through necessity of hidden rules, otherwise, hard to read 16 years, or become neets, either by employment. So, these college students have no way to, in order not to let my parents down, more don't want to be unemployed, only with their own beauty and other social rules to solve the problem of their employment, and many college students can only reach the purpose of employment by voluntary hidden rules.

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