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Code level: intermediate    Code area: Code Essentials Printer Friendly Version
Title: be sure to take
Description: At this moment, I thought of the mother to take a bath for me, my mother always said my chest in shower a moles,
Date: 31-Oct-2015  21:15
Code level: intermediate
Code area: Code Essentials
Posted by: admin
This message is displayed as C# be sure to take a shower for my mother. Mother ao however, I have to by me. I help my mother to wash the hair first, then, I thought of my mother to wash my hair, always rub the rub again, afraid not washed clean, my mother are the most willing to give me wash your hair, rub comfortably. After washing a hair, I help mother to take off the clothes, and then put her careful in bath crock, at this moment, I just found out that mother really old, when one meter six young child, now is not high; She also has very small; Weight has become very light; That used to feed my milk room more than two years have begun to dry.
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