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Title: and all foreign
Description: 36 Ye Hao, 20 worth mentioning, the key is that these good policies to really implement. Moreover
Date: 27-Jun-2017  20:44
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 in the dual preferential policies of foreign investment, increasingly sluggish. In 2008, China's private holdings accounted for 13.6% of the electricity and heat production and supply industry, accounting for 9.6% of the financial industry, and 7.8% for the information industry, [url=]replica versace belt[/url] and the information transmission, computer services and software industry accounted for 7.8% of the policy requirements for private capital. %, Transportation, warehousing and postal services accounted for 7.5%, water, environment and public facilities management industry accounted for 6.6%. In the oil, telecommunications, railways and other monopoly industries, private capital accounted for lower. 

In particular, the SASAC issued in 2006, "on the promotion of state-owned capital adjustment and restructuring of state-owned enterprises guidance", the first clear that telecommunications, energy and other seven industries will be controlled by the state-owned economy. This is tantamount to subverting the spirit of non-public 36 monopoly areas. I remember, when the four major state-owned banks to introduce strategic investors, [url=]replica ferragamo belt[/url] executives even reached a acquiescence, not to participate in the domestic private capital of the four state-owned banks restructuring, and all foreign financial institutions to enter, 

exclusive state-owned commercial banks after the listing Of the rich feast. In 2009, the four trillion investment plan is to become a private economy lost a year, a lot of credit, resources, projects, the vast majority of the country to the name of the enterprise, the rise of the king of the country and some places through the reorganization of the integration And other means, the private capital out, completely declared the non-public 36 failed. In particular, humorously, in 2009, [url=]replica designer belts[/url] large-scale reform of state-owned enterprises, private investment sluggish, they also heard the National Development and Reform Commission has drafted "on further encouragement and promote private investment in a number of opinions" (commonly known as non-public 20) Submitted to the State Council.
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