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Title: interests of cast glass
Description: most of the state-owned enterprises have been able to obtain competitive advantage, with political advantage
Date: 27-Jun-2017  20:55
Code level: intermediate
Code area: Outlook and .NET
Posted by: admin
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 in the history of China's reform and opening up, non-public 36 does have a landmark milestone significance. [url=]replica versace belt[/url] it is regrettable that, in the face of a strong interest group, such an important document that swings the light of reform and embodies the consensus and wisdom of several generations of reformers has become a dancer with shackles, facing a strong system and Vested interests of cast glass doors,

so that state-owned enterprises triumphant at the same time, private capital can only choose to withdraw, which undoubtedly fundamentally overturned the basic consensus over the past 30 years of state-owned enterprise reform, the whole state-owned enterprise reform will clearly cause the subversive destruction of the target The Encourage the development of non-public economy, or the pursuit of state-owned enterprises in all areas by leaps and bounds, [url=]replica ferragamo belt[/url] which is related to China's future market economy, the direction of the allocation of resources.

In talking about the key to the country into the people back, Mr. Bao Yujun can be described in the phrase, he said, the essence of the problem is a resource allocation problem, that is, power allocation of resources or market allocation of resources? He also said that the transformation of economic development, in the final analysis, is to change the allocation of resources, change the planned economy under the conditions of power allocation of resources in the traditional way, so that all kinds of market players in the market competition to achieve the survival of the fittest, so that resources to the advantages of business concentration. 

Now state-owned enterprises are not by virtue of their own competitive advantage, [url=]replica designer belts[/url] but by the power to configure the advantages of resources. The experience of state-owned enterprise reform for many years tells us that most of the state-owned enterprises in the Chinese economy is not the role of business is so simple

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