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Title: or excess capacity
Description: in order to regulate the state-owned land on the housing levy and compensation activities to safeguard the public
Date: 27-Jun-2017  20:57
Code level: intermediate
Code area: Outlook and .NET
Posted by: admin
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 power advantage and policy advantages, Rather than the business advantage, the support of public power is the main factor in the profitability of most state-owned enterprises in China. Even in 2009, non-public economy, whether in efficiency <a href="">replica designer belts</a>, or contribution to the employment, is still better than state-owned enterprises, 2009 central corporate profits, although up to nearly 800 billion, but if the analysis of the source of these profits and distribution, will find, earn The vast majority are monopolies, the general competitive areas either do not make money, or excess capacity. 

China to develop a real market economy, its micro-subject if it is based on state-owned enterprises, if the development of non-public economic space is further blocked, such a market economy is certainly not a real market allocation of resources in the economy. For the development of non-public economy, the author does not need to introduce new policies, but should review the past few years why we non-public economic policy why the implementation of such unsatisfactory, should solve the ideological and understanding of the problem, rather than Again and again introduced a new policy. Non-public 36 is no now <a href="">replica ferragamo belt</a>, the future is still one of the best policy, its true implementation, than any policy is good. 

Needless to say, the State Council Legislative Affairs Office on January 29 issued the "State-owned land on the housing levy and compensation regulations" (draft), whether in the public interest, or the relocation procedures, compensation, market pricing and other core issues on the system design , Compared to the introduction of the 2001 "urban housing demolition management regulations", is a historic progress. In the case of the evolution of the system, the draft is not so much a modification of the previous regulations on demolition and relocation, but rather a new state levy under the Constitution and the Property Law. We see that the first draft of the draft clearly pointed out <a href="">replica versace belt</a>

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