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Title: needs of the public
Description: not for the needs of the public interest, to demolition of private property, must pass The purchase of the right to obtain the property before the demolition
Date: 27-Jun-2017  21:01
Code level: intermediate
Code area: Outlook Expert Techniques
Posted by: admin
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 interest and protect the legitimate rights and interests of the expropriated, according to the "Property Law" and "National People's Congress Standing Committee on Revise the "People's Republic of China Urban Real Estate Management Law" decision, the enactment of this Ordinance. This means that the scope of the norm is very clear, that is, for the public interest of the levy, it is suitable for this Ordinance. It is clear that this is the soul of all the provisions of the draft, the subsequent provisions of the definition of the public interest, the norms of the collection process, as well as the definition of compensation standards, <a href="">replica versace belt</a> all built on the needs of the public interest and the necessary collection Of the category. 

This means that the "urban housing demolition management regulations," commercial demolition and public interests, regardless of the biggest drawbacks of the system was completely abandoned by the draft, which is the reason why the people expect the most critical. However, inexplicably, the draft is designed in Chapter 5 with a nonfunded affidavit, in which article 40 provides that it is not necessary for the demolition of state-owned land units and individual houses to engage in construction activities due to the needs of the public interest In line with urban and rural planning, land use planning, and in accordance with the law for the approval procedures. The construction unit shall prepare a specific implementation plan and report to the house collection department for approval of the house of the state-owned land or individual housing <a href="">replica designer belts</a>. The so-called non-public interest needs, put it more clearly that commercial demolition engage in real estate. 

Whether from the basic logic of a text, or from the law itself, since the draft is clearly stated that the regulations regulate the public interest for the collection of behavior, but Article 40 is clearly beyond the scope of the public interest,This is one of them <a href="">replica ferragamo belt</a>; Second, the Constitution Ye Hao, property law Ye Hao, the provisions of the very clear that only for the needs of the public interest, can be levied private property
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