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Title: is an illegal provision
Description: As of March 23, Shenzhen and Shanghai cities have more than 100 real estate companies notice the 2009 results
Date: 27-Jun-2017  21:04
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Posted by: admin
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 which is very simple common sense, but also the Constitution, the real right to protect the core of private property rights. Demolition of private property, any units and individuals have no right to approve, any units and individuals have no right to approve <a href="">replica designer belts</a>. It is clear that the provision of Article 40 is a complete violation of the basic spirit of the Constitution and the law of property law and is an illegal provision. 

A requisite ordinance in the basic system that conforms to public opinion and is in line with the spirit of the rule of law, but may have left its value and meaning as a result of the so-called article 40 of the provisions of the legalization of commercial demolition. Since the commercial demolition is still legal, it means that both for the public interest, or for commercial interests, can be demolished private property, is equal to the reality of the existence of a variety of demolition are affirmed, and such a system design, and The basic spirit of the constitution is contrary. In particular, we see that there are a lot of contradictions <a href="">replica ferragamo belt</a> and social problems in the demolition of China are in the commercial demolition, the purpose of the draft is to let the commercial demolition forever into history, but the 40th let the commercial demolition quietly mixed The expropriation of the draft, so that the entire draft for the destruction of the subversive. In the hotel with relish to taste a feast, eat the last but found the plate below a nausea flies. 

The commercial demolition of the provisions of Article 40 of the regulations, as the bottom of the plate flies are disgusting. For the dignity of the Constitution and the law of property law, in order to the authority of the rule of law, but also for the public opinion is not distorted by the interests of the group, but also to prevent the annex in reality into a real text, strongly suggested draft deleted for commercial demolition of the forty , <a href="">replica versace belt</a> So that the public interests of the expropriation of the provisions of the more pure, so that the safety of private property is no longer trembling in the shadow of commercial demolition.
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