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To copy file attachments from one Outlook item to another

You cannot programmatically copy an attachment directly from one Outlook item to another. You must first save the item as a system file. Naturally, you'll want to delete that file when you're done. This code uses the Scripting RunTime's FileSystemObject to get the user's TEMP folder as a place to save the files and to perform deletions. The arguments can be any two Outlook items. You can use this code in any VBScript or VBA module.

Note that it works only with normal file attachments. It can't save embedded objects or attached Outlook items, which act differently from regular attached files. It also doesn't check to see if a file of the same name already exists in the target folder. An enhanced version of CopyAttachments() that checks for existing files is available as listing 10.9 in my book's sample code (free, registration required)

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