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To populate a combo box on a Microsoft Outlook form

This VBScript code sample from Richard Wakeman uses an ADO disconnected recordset to populate a combo box with data from items in a Public Folders/All Public Folders/Agency Manager/Agency Contacts folder. ADO is installed by default with Office 2000 and later versions. The code also requires CDO, which is not part of the default Outlook installation. 

The first time you run it, it may seem slow because it needs to load the CDO and ADO libraries. It should be faster after that. 

Code Sample



If you want to use the recordset for lookups, you can use this syntax:


This would look up all Smiths and Wakemans using the custom Outlook Forms 'Team Member' or 'Account'.

If you want to show data from fields other than those listed in the code, you'll need to use the correct MAPI property tag. See Digging deeper into CDO, Property Tags and Types.

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