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To send reminders by e-mail

Whenever Outlook fires a reminder, this Outlook VBA code sample sends information from that reminder and its parent item to the e-mail address you specify. Place this code in the ThisOutlookSession module. 

Code Sample

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The use of objMsg.Send will trigger a security prompt in Outlook 2000 and 2002; a workaround would be to use the Redemption library.

To turn off the reminder popups, you can use Tools | Options | Other | Advanced Options | Reminder Options.

If you are sending reminders to a pager, you'll probably want to modify the code to send only a limited number of characters. 

If you modify the code to include different properties in the outgoing message, make sure that the properties you specify actually exist in the particular type of item. For example, an AppointmentItem has a Start property, but on a TaskItem, you'd use StartDate. 

The code does not check whether the address you supply to objMsg.To is a valid address. 

Outlook must be running for this code to work. If you wanted to do something similar when Outlook isn't running, you could use an Exchange Server event service script on each of the various folders (Inbox, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks) to check from time to time whether an item was due. CDOLive has a sample script for the default Calendar folder

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