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Outlook Company Updater

The Outlook Company Updater is a Microsoft Outlook form that displays company information only and allows you to update other records in the Contacts folders from the same company. This final version (22 Feb 97) includes a number of enhancements:

  • Support for renaming the Company or Office location, which will update all of the related contacts to the new company/office.
  • Support for the Office Assistant, if the office assistant is turned off, it will use message boxes as it does now...
  • Support for 'Private' & 'Journal' check boxes, these two are copied to related contacts unconditionally.
  • Support for ask to update related contacts, when saving Company form. For example: if you change the Company in table view, the form will ask you if you want to update the related contacts.
  • New 'Details' tab with more fields. These fields will be updated on matching Contacts if these fields are not blank.

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  1. Download the Company.zip file (9kb), then unzip it and open Company.oft in Outlook.
  2. Publish the form. It's recommended that you publish the Company form to your Contacts folder, rather than to Personal Forms, so that you'll get a New Company item on the Compose menu.
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To create a new company:
  1. In the Contacts folder, choose Contacts, New Company. If you published to Personal Forms, choose Contacts, Forms and select the Company form.
  2. Enter the company information that you want a group of contacts to have in common. Leave blank any fields that you don't want updated.
  3. Save the item.
To update the information for all contacts with the same company:
  1. Open the company record.
  2. Click the Update Contacts button to update the common information you've entered.
To create a new contact from the same company:
  • Right-click on any company record, then choose New Contact from Same Company.
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This freeware program was provided by Jay B. Harlow.
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No known limitations.
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This form makes no effort to preserve a contact's Categories during a company update. The company Categories will completely overwrite the contact Categories, so you may want to leave the company Categories blank.
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More Information

Other method for updating the Company field:
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