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Custom Form Launcher

This form is a generic form launcher designed to make it easier to create an item with a custom form via a hyperlink either in a web page or an Outlook message. You also get the option to have the item be stored automatically in a particular folder -- without the need either to publish the form to the folder or to have the user launch the form from the folder.

The code behind the form launches the particular custom form, but never displays the launcher form itself. The user sees only the custom form.

One application would be to create a public folder called Company Forms Library. Each item in the folder would launch a different form. You could then launch the Vacation Request form with a shortcut like this:

<Outlook://Public Folders/All Public Folders/Company Forms Launcher/~Vacation Request>

In an HTML format, message, replace each space with %20. See Using Microsoft Outlook Links for more information on the Outlook: link syntax.

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Setup and Usage

  1. Download the formlauncher.exe file (69kb), then run it to unzip the FormLauncher.pst file.
  2. Use the File | Open | Personal Folders File command in Outlook to open the FormLauncher.pst file, then follow the instructions in the ! Read Me First! item.
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The code behind the Form Launcher form includes a generic GetMAPIFolder() function that takes the folder path as its argument and returns a MAPIFolder object. Feel free to copy it to other Outlook projects where you need to return folders other than the Outlook default folders.

I've seen many people get frustrated by the fact that they cannot make a message form the default for a folder, only a post form. The Form Launcher form solves this problem. Try these steps:

  1. Open a new Form Launcher.
  2. Put in the name of the custom form and the folder you want it to be saved in.  
  3. Publish modified Form Launcher to the target folder as a new custom form.
  4. Make the new form the default for the folder.
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