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Internet Headers Sample Form

This Microsoft Outlook sample message form by Outlook MVP Ken Slovak for Outlook 2000 and 2002 displays the Internet headers of a message on a separate Internet Headers page. To use this form, the user must have CDO installed, but the form does not check for CDO.

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  1. Download the Headers.zip file (6 kb), then unzip it and open the InternetHeaders.oft file. If you see the macro prompt when you open the file, choose Disable Macros
  2. Publish the form to the Personal Forms library.
  3. In Outlook 2000 or 2002, update the registry to make this your default message form. See Substitute Default Form.
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If this form is your default form, you can open any received message and switch to the Internet Headers page to see the headers.
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If you send an item with this form and open it from the Sent Items folder, the Internet Headers page will not show the headers. This is because Outlook does not actually append the headers to the item that is saved in Sent Items.

In Outlook 2002 and in Outlook 2000 with the Outlook E-mail Security Update, this form displays an address book access prompt because of the automation security features and the fact that the headers contain addresses that could be harvested by a malicious program. Recoding to use Redemption objects would be a workaround.

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Because this form contains VBScript code, you will not be able to view its contents in the preview pane. Instead, you may want to turn on AutoPreview for the folder so that you can read the first few lines of each message.
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