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TIP: To create a hyperlink on an Outlook form

You've probable clicked a thousand times on URLs in Outlook messages. Would you like users to be able to click on a field on your Outlook form to go to a web page? Here are two ideas on how to add a clickable hyperlink to an Outlook form without putting it in the body of a message.

ContactItem HyperLink Properties | Code behind a Label Control | NotesMore Information

ContactItem Hyperlink Properties

Two properties of the ContactItem object automatically act as hyperlinks when you drag them from the Field Chooser to a form page -- WebPage and FTPSite.
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Code behind a Label Control

Believe it or not, a label control on an Outlook form supports a Click event. So, you can put the text for the hyperlink in the control's caption and use code like this (adapted for your page and control name, of course) to launch the link in the browser when the user clicks the label. You could, of course, also use a CommandButton control or store the URL somewhere other than the control's caption or even generate it programmatically. (Thanks to Rick Spiewak for this tip.):

You may want to format the label to show the link as blue and underlined, so users will know to click on it. You could also put the name of the page in the caption and put the hyperlink in the control's Tag property, changing the code above to use Tag instead of Caption.

If you want to use Outlook's own internal browser capability instead of your default browser, try this variation. (Thanks to Dmitry Streblechenko for this tip from the outlook-dev discussion list.)

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You can use the syntax in the second method to open a new Outlook window displaying a different folder, using the hyperlink syntax "Outlook:Inbox" to open the Inbox, for example. Set the Visible property to False instead of True.

See To change the mouse pointer from Outlook form code for information on how to change the mouse pointer that the user sees when the mouse passes over the control with the hyperlink.

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