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Looking for help with Outlook programming projects — VSTO, add-ins, VBA, custom Outlook forms, etc.? You′ve come to the right place!

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Basic Outlook
Working with Outlook items, folders, recipients; dealing with security; writing event handlers 10423 40464 Inserting Shapes in Outlook message

24-May-2013  09:14
No answers
Using VBScript to move items in a Public Folder to another Public Folder

04-Dec-2007  23:54
67 answers
Outlook Form Design
Designing custom Outlook forms and form regions and writing code for them 8303 37242 Looking for help designing an Outlook Calendar event (newbee)

20-May-2013  07:52
No answers
Sending out forms

10-Jun-2004  11:34
96 answers
Outlook Expert Techniques
Working with toolbars, menus, ribbon; generating custom reports; deploying forms; connecting to databases, Exchange folders, and XML Web services 5834 22499 Help please! Custom Appointment Form - CheckBox to add Meeting Attendee

15-May-2013  16:31
No answers
Need Help In Database

26-Apr-2007  21:15
57 answers
Outlook and .NET
Writing code with C# and VB.NET to create Outlook add-ins and other projects 5423 20220 Forward Compatibility of Office 2003 Add-In with Office 2013

17-May-2013  13:42
No answers
Enumerating Contact Lists and Dist. Lists using Redemption

28-Jun-2006  09:26
33 answers
Code Essentials
Beginner’s section on how to work in the VBA environment, how to work with functions and expressions – generally not specific to Outlook 1410 5255 VBA Get Attachments Amendments

15-May-2013  05:04
1 answer
Welcome beginners!

23-Oct-2002  08:56
93 answers