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Looking for help with Outlook programming projects — VSTO, add-ins, VBA, custom Outlook forms, etc.? You′ve come to the right place!

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Beginner’s section on how to work in the VBA environment, how to work with functions and expressions – generally not specific to Outlook
Welcome beginners!
If you're new to programming and need really basic information, like how to find the time span between two dates or format text in all caps, this is the place for you. There's no such thing as a dumb question ... except the one you didn't ask.

  23-Oct-2002  08:56
  04-Dec-2002  12:37   
Hello Sue:
I have a fairly extensive programming background....but not in Outlook. I'm interested in writing a macro to notify me when flagged contact date has arrived. Much like a task notification. I'll be buying your book
  06-Dec-2002  16:30   

We want to develop a web app which will build and send emails via outlook. In addition we want to read the inbox for undeliverable emails. Would you book cover that (either vbscript or javascript) or is there sample code somewhere on this site?
  16-Dec-2002  15:06   
I've just bought your book and been tasked with writing (what I think) is a rather complex system for sorting and scheduleing the jobs for our company using Outlook. I have quite a bit of programming experience, but Outlook is, at the moment, a mystery to me.

I expect to be here quite a lot in the next few months (to say the least) asking people for hints.

I've just bought your book today and it looks like it may cover most of my problems - so hopefully I won't be too much of a pain to everybody.
  07-Jan-2003  22:34   
Walter, you don't need to (and probably shouldn't) use Outlook to send mails from a web app, unless it's on your Intranet and you know everyone is using Outlook. Handling undeliverable mails is a rather advanced task that the book does not cover. One skill that can help make it easier is knowledge of regular expressions, something I've just started using myself. You can Google and file some great sites (such as with regular expressions information. Working through some examples is probably the easiest way to get to know REs.
  07-Jan-2003  22:35   
Welcome, Justin. Post any time you feel a little (or a lot) stumped. I'm sure there are other people interested in job scheduling who'd throw their two cents' worth into your project.
  07-Jan-2003  22:38   
Welcome, Jim. You might want to take a look at the Application.Reminder event, which fires for any reminder, including one on a contact. The hard part is that the reminder date is not exposed on the Outlook ContactItem, so you need to use CDO or Redemption objects and the Fields collection.
  24-Jan-2003  12:33   
Just got the book, have never done anything with forms or VB so im very new to this. I downloaded the zip file for the codes that follow the book, however there is no file association set up for any of the items in the chapter folders. What am i doing wrong?
I use Outlook 2000 in a corporate workgroup.
  03-Feb-2003  08:01   
Marion, the VBA samples consist of .bas, .frm, and .cls modules that you'll need to import into Outlook VBA. The Outlook forms samples are .oft files, which should have a file association with Outlook.
  07-Feb-2003  18:18   
With sendmail, I can use an entry in .forward like |myscript to pipe incoming mail through a program and have that program do stuff with the body of the message. I want to find a way to do that with Outlook/Exchange, where I get an email, say a joke-of-the-day, for example, something like rules would catch it, strip out the ads and save to a database or email to my joke-buddies distribution list. Do you know of anything that could make this possible? Anything in your book cover it? TIA
  17-Feb-2003  00:27   
Sue, I purchased yourbook and seems that there are a lot of wonderful ideas. However, I am looking to write a simple bit of code and am not able to find what I am looking for, perhaps, I am not certain how to look it up. I want to paste text into any kind of item.
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