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How to bring a msgbox to the front

I am using a msgbox in the application_itemsend. It works so that when a user sends an email without a number in the subject it pops up and tells them if they still want to send.
The problem is that the msgbox pops up behind the email window, infront of the inbox window. How can I make the msgbox be in front of all other windows?

thank you.


  02-Jun-2008  20:07
  02-Jun-2008  22:17   
Try setting the Context parameter (the last parameter) of your MsgBox call to VbMsgBoxSetForeground.

Or maybe minimize the ActiveExplorer window before the send and restore it afterwards.
  02-Jun-2008  22:39   
used the + vbMsgBoxSetForeground - worked great. cheers.
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