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Looking for help with Outlook programming projects — VSTO, add-ins, VBA, custom Outlook forms, etc.? You′ve come to the right place!

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Beginner’s section on how to work in the VBA environment, how to work with functions and expressions – generally not specific to Outlook
Change location of vbaproject.otm
Is it possible to store the vbaproject.otm file in another location rather than the default?

Peter R Hawkes

  10-Jan-2009  11:44
  13-Jan-2009  15:33   
No, there's no way to change that. If you're thinking of distributing a VBA solution via the vbaproject.otm file, it's not recommended. Please review:

To distribute Microsoft Outlook VBA code to other users:

Eric Legault
MVP - Outlook
  13-Aug-2010  12:36   
You can use the altvba switch on a shortcut to the outlook.exe file

eg target in shortcut : "c:\...........outlook.exe" /altvba "v:\folder\folder\vbaproject.otm"
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