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forum 24-May-2018 19:52

Looking for help with Outlook programming projects — VSTO, add-ins, VBA, custom Outlook forms, etc.? You′ve come to the right place!

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Beginner’s section on how to work in the VBA environment, how to work with functions and expressions – generally not specific to Outlook
Outlook Voting Options VBA - Reply to all in To: and CC: fields rather than just sender
    With OutMail
        .To = ""
        .CC = ""
        .VotingOptions = "Approved;Disapproved"
        .Subject = ""
    End With

Hi All,

In the above Code (Part of my code :) ) that I have in Excel to create an Outlook Message, I use the .VotingOptions property.

Is there a property I can add so that the voting options reply to all the people in the To: and CC: Fields?

And if so, what would the code be from Excel?

At the moment the voting replies only come to me and not the whole group as I would like.


  12-Dec-2012  09:16
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