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VbaProject.otm is corrupted!

I purchased and installed a third-party Outlook add-in to handle bulk emailing to clients (I didn't want to write that one), and my VbaProject.otm file became corrupted. I have some macros in there that I've written to filter the inboxes that I have to monitor, and now I am unable to access them. Someone posted that VbaProject.otm is an encrypted text file, and I was wondering if anyone has any idea how to get my original macro code out of there.

I have the file (and am sure that it was a corruption problem, because after renaming it the VBA IDE opened without issue), but just can't read it. A hex editor was no help, nor was adding the OTM as a class (for some reason it popped in as a module though).

Does anyone have a suggestion??? I'm a little desperate here...


  08-Jul-2007  23:18
  09-Jul-2007  08:51   
AFAIK, once an .otm file is corrupted, it can't be recovered. That's why I recommend that people who rely on VBA code export their modules or backup the entire file.
  09-Jul-2007  20:07   
Thanks Sue, appreciate your input.

GREAT site, btw. I think that it's insanely cool that you are so remarkably active and helpful in the forums. I hope MSFT routinely hooks you up with sweet bennies, because their support pales in comparison.

Tks again!!
  09-Jul-2009  04:37   
Hi, i have an issue along these lines in that i have a bunch of code that sits in 'This Outlook Session' to handle sending emails from Access without the security alert popping up. this works fine on 9 out of the 11 user machines that it is running on, but on the other two the vbaproject.otm file seems to corrupt on shutdown of the machine. in the morning, if i replace the file it is not a problem.

before i write some code to replace it on startup of the access system, is there something that i am missing(like a basic setting in outlook) that will resolve the issue.

running outlook 2003.

  09-Jul-2009  08:11   
Mick, there is no such setting.
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