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Cannot delete folder
Outlook 2007, Vista Home Basic Premium, admin account privileges, McAfee.

1) Create a new mail folder "FOO" under Personal Folders
2) Try to delete the folder "FOO"
3) Folder is transfered to Deleted folder
4) Try to delete the folder "FOO" from the Deleted folder

Get the error message "Cannot delete this folder. Right-click the folder, and then click Properties to check your

permissions for the folder. See the folder owner or your administrator to change your permissions. The folder is full".

(Sometimes I get this error after step 2.)

I have checked both the Delete Folder and the FOO folder. There are no permissions to change. The Properites Administration

tab has a "This folder is available to: field but the radio button choices are grayed.

I have run the Diagnose/Repair tool and no problems were found. I have tried turning of McAfee email virus checking.

I have tried running the Compact on the Personal Folders and it completes almost immediately.

I have the latest Windows/Office updates. If I start Outlook in Safe mode I can delete the folder from the Deleted Folder.

I have tried rebooting Vista.

Background: I have an Access 2007 db with VBA code that creates a folder, copies some email to it, deletes the folder and

then deletes the folder from the Deleted Folder. About three days ago I noticed that the final delete step was generating a

"Cannot delete folder ..." error. After a lot of testing I was able to come up with the simple 4 step test case listed

above. I am not aware of anything significant starting a couple of days ago (other than April 1). No new Office updates have been applied.

  05-Apr-2008  11:56
  05-Apr-2008  12:04   
If I start Outlook in Safe mode and leave it open and then run my Access code ... then the Access code work fine just as it did a few days ago. And the UI test of create/delete works just fine too.
  05-Apr-2008  14:34   
Further tests.

1) Delete contents of Deleted Items Folder. Run "Empty.." from the right-mouse click menu on the Deleted Folder.
2) Try to delete another folder in Personal Folders, "FOO". Error msg: as in previous message.
3) Try to "Move" folder FOO to Deleted Item Folder. Error: "Folder is full".
4) Run diagnostic. No problems
5) Reboot Vista
6) Repeat step 2, same error
7) Repeat step 3, same error
8) Start in Safe mode, all works just fine.

  07-Apr-2008  07:46   
Since the problem occurs when you delete folders manually, you should ask about this in one of the forums listed at or .
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