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Extract / Retrieve Email address's from incoming mail using redemption
Hello I want to Extract / Retrieve recipients (address from TO,CC)from the incoming mail using Redemption for Outlook 2003. I am able to get recipients pointer from SafeMailItem. When i try to itrate trough recipients to get address of the recipient it always give me null. But when i use Outlook::Recipient i get recipients email addresss but for exchange users email address is in the x400 format and i want in smtp format. So i have opted for redemption. How should I proceed to get Recipient from recipients. I am using ATL-COM to devlop addin.
//Follwing is the code for retrieving recipients from SafeMailItem

Redemption::ISafeRecipientsPtr pSafeRecipients = NULL;
        //pSafeMailItemptr is valid Redemption::ISafeMailItemptr
    hr = pSafeMailItemptr->get_Recipients(&pSafeRecipients);

//I get valid pSafeRecipients pointer

long lCount = pSafeRecipients->Count //here lCount is always 0

Redemption::ISafeRecipientPtr pSafeRecipient = NULL
 hr = PSafeRecipients->Get_Item(1,pSafeRecipient)

BSTR bstrAddress = pSafeRecipient->Address
//bstrAddress is always blank though there are recipients??

I am wrong in doing so??

  18-Dec-2008  10:11
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