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The item cannot be saved... in shared calendar
Hi all,

I have the following problem in Outlook 2003 (SP3) (Exchange 2007):
I have developed a addin that saves additional UserProperties to an appointment.
The way it will be done is the following:
I have an additional button in the inspector.
I create an appointment (meeting) and on click on the button a browser dialog pops up.
Before it pops up I send information about the current appointment via webservice.
When the popup closes, I get the additional information from the webservice and save them as UserProperties in the appointment item.
The creation of the appointment works so far.
When I move the appointment in the calendar view and open up the inspector to send the update, the first thing I check in my InspectorWrapper is, if the current appointment item corresponds to the saved UserProperty. If not, I open the browser dialog and transfer the new relevant appointment properties via webservice, so I have to apply the new properties in my external system.
After that I retrieve the new information and save it as UserProperty.
That also works.
But when I want to send the update of the appointment or meeting to the attendees, Outlook says that the item cannot be saved because it has been changed by another person or window.

I swear, there are no events in background that change anything on the appointment.
It works in my own calendar. What could be the difference? An Exchange problem.

Any ideas ?

Best regards


  22-Jul-2009  05:34
  22-Jul-2009  09:14   
OK, I think I am a step closer to the solution of the problem.

I think I did not understand the differences between the sharing of the calendar and being delegate with the right to modify, create and delete items.

I do not get the error message, if the calendar owner adds me as delegate for his calendar.

So, can anyone explain me, what the differences between sharing and being delegate are?

Best regards

  22-Jul-2009  20:01   
Delegate access includes both permissions on one or more folderd and the ability to send on behalf of a user. Sharing is just folder permissions.

Is your add-in using .NET? Your symptoms make me wonder if you're properly releasing your Outlook objects. See .NET link under Languages at left.
  23-Jul-2009  06:40   
Thanks Sue for your reply.
Yes, we are using .Net for our add-in.
And I am aware that I have to release the com objects and how to do this.

But what I don't unserstand is, that it works in my calendar (or in every personal calendar) and in calendars that the owner delegates to me, but not in normally shared calendars (even with security level 8).

If the problem would exist on normally shared calendars and delegated too, i would assume that there is an error in releasing objects.

Or could this be a misconfiguration of exchange?

Best regards

  23-Jul-2009  07:34   
I don't know what "security level 8" or "normally shared" means in this context. If by "send updates," you mean send meeting request updates for the appointments in the other person's calendar, that can be done only by a delegate.
  23-Jul-2009  07:52   
That's it !
I meant the meeting request updates and thats exactly the problem I have/had.

So, I will only allow to store our additional information if the current user is delegate of the calendar owner.

Thank you so much!!!
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