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Routing Audit Trail - Quick Question

I have been able to create several forms for a Routing Process and all works perfect.

What I now want to include is at the bottom a custom field which holds the Routing Audit trail.

I can populate the textbox but what I am really struggling is getting the "From" and the "Sent" into the field.

I know that I only get these two fields once the form has been sent. I thought of using the event "item_open" but nothing is happening. Could some one tell me which event I should use so that when the receiver opens the email, an event is driggered so that I am able to get the "From" and "Sent"? I have also used "Open_read" and that does not do anything either.

Any help is very welcomed.

Thank you!


  27-Dec-2012  21:18
  27-Dec-2012  21:25   
Another Info:

My first form has a Read Page.

If I now move the Read Page to another Form, would the "item_Open" trigger?

I might test this out, but I would like to use the Read Page from my first form.

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