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Looking for help with Outlook programming projects — VSTO, add-ins, VBA, custom Outlook forms, etc.? You′ve come to the right place!

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Custom Appointment Form
Exchange 2007, Outlook 2007. Organizational Forms Library.

I've created a Leave Request Form. I've added several Cutom Action forms such as Approve Leave, Deny Leave, and Add Leave To Your Claendar. These custom action forms are all published in the OFL.

It all works quite well, except when you choose the custom action, Add leave To Your Calendar. The Appointment form comes up and has all the info populated correctly, but when you click 'Save and Close' the form is saved in the Inbox and not the Calendar. You can then drag and drop to the Calendar folder. How can I get the Appointment to save directly to the Calendar?

A supervisor receives the Leave Request in his Inbox. He opens and selects Add Leave To Your Calendar from the Custom Actions dropdown. Clicks Save and Close. The message with message class IPM.Appointment.AddLeaveToCalendar is saved in the supervisor's Inbox.


The Add Leave To Your Calendar form works fine if you open it directly form the Forms Library. It is when you open the Leave Request form frrm the Inbox and choose the Custom Actions (Add Leave To Your Calendar) that is saves in the wrong place.


There must be some code I can add to get the appoinment to save to the Calendar folder insted of back in the Inbox.

Any ideas?


Additional Info --
The issue seems to be where the from is being opened from. The supervisor receives the Leave Request (IPM.Note.LeaveRequest) in his Inbox. He then calls up the Add Leave To Your Calendar form(IPM.Appointment.LeaveToCalendar) from the Custom Action menu on the Leave Request. When he saves and closes the Add Leave To Your Calendar form, it saves in the Inbox not his Calendar.

Like I said the Add Leave To Your Calendar from works fine if opened diredtly from the OFL or anywhere else. It's just when it is opened from the Leave Request in the Inbox that it saves back to the Inbox.

Make sense?


  14-May-2013  09:27
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