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Create accounts programmatically
I was told I could use Extended MAPI in order to programmatically create an Outlook mail account. I've searched Messaging API for a solution to my problem but not been able to find anything. I've even installed Outlook Spy to discover how email account info (username, password, account, pop3/imap server, smtp server) is stored and found nothing. Does anyone know something about the subject? Is there a site where this is explained?


  12-Aug-2003  02:02
  18-Aug-2003  11:58   
A good place to start is with the IMsgServiceAdmin and IProviderAdmin interfaces -- and . See for links to ExMAPI discussion forums if you have further questions on this.
  09-Oct-2003  08:13   
I was told, that Outlooks stores it's account in then windows registry, the key is:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows Messaging Subsystem\Profiles\Outlook-Profilname
  11-Nov-2003  18:47   
does anyone else any other links to either a utility or some .NET code ( or C# preferble) that can do this?
  12-Nov-2003  10:58   
Extended MAPI is not compatible with .NET languages. You would need to use Redemption (a COM library at ) to manipulate the profile. There should be some elementary samples (not .NET) at the Redemption site.
  10-Feb-2004  14:40   
I am looking how to get account info (username, password, account, pop3/imap server, smtp server) from outlook, it seems some of you nows, can you share this with me?
  10-Feb-2004  22:10   
Please see my answer above.
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