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Looking for help with Outlook programming projects — VSTO, add-ins, VBA, custom Outlook forms, etc.? You′ve come to the right place!

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Working with toolbars, menus, ribbon; generating custom reports; deploying forms; connecting to databases, Exchange folders, and XML Web services
Reply with Organizational Forms
Hi, I've recently set up an organizatinoal forms library that hosts a number of mail based forms. They essentially only contain message content, and are designed to be used as mail templates within my environment. I have added a custom button next to my 'new mail' button on the ribbon that opens the organizational form library when clicked - this is fine.

I would also like to be able to reply to emails with these forms based templates. I have been searching over the last week for a way in which I can have a similar amount of functionality using a 'reply' type button.

Ideally, highlight or open the message to be replied to, click a reply style button to open the forms library, and choose the form. Only this time the message To field is already populated with the address you are replying to.

I have very limited knowledge regarding VBA & macros etc, so any ideas are most appreciated.

  20-Nov-2012  10:00
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