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How to import or extract data from IPM.Contact files
Here's the story...
I have over 300 contacts that I think were exported from Outlook 2010 about 2 years ago. I had emailed these to a gmail account for whatever reason. Last year I lost all my contacts, I thought they were gone forever, some going back 10 years. A few days ago, I discovered these files in my gmail account that I rarely use.

The files are IPM.Contact files with no extension on the file names, which are each named with the name of the specific contact. I have searched the internet and cannot find a way that I import or extract the data from these files. I can open them in notepad and see the text of some data there but most is just jibberish.

I AM NOT a programmer or expert in Outlook to the point I could write a program or whatever. Can someone please give me detailed instructions or a way to get the data out of these files? The data in these files are invaluable to me. So... Please Help???? :-)

I have posted a sample of the IPM.Contact file here...

  14-Jan-2013  00:07
  14-Jan-2013  01:04   
Hey! Have you checked that whether you have application installed on your system to open such kind of files?If its is installed then, the IPM file will get opened just by double clicking.If your systems opens the file but with a wrong application then, Windows registry file association settings need to be changed.
If you are searching for some software to help you to do this, you can search online.
I have done a search for the same. I have found a software named 'fileviewpro' that easily opens the files with IPM extension.
Its available with a free demo. Just give its a try. I hope it will help you.
  14-Jan-2013  03:08   
The files DO NOT have an extension. They are only named as the name of the contact, such as "John Doe", not "John Doe.ipm" or anything else.

File view pro WILL NOT open them.

I know they were exported from Outlook. There must be a way to import them. And yes, I do have Outlook 2010 installed on my system. I know someone out there has an answer, I just have to find the right person :)
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