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Looking for help with Outlook programming projects — VSTO, add-ins, VBA, custom Outlook forms, etc.? You′ve come to the right place!

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Working with toolbars, menus, ribbon; generating custom reports; deploying forms; connecting to databases, Exchange folders, and XML Web services
Customize Toolbar and deploy sitewide
Thought some of you may be interested in this. I recently asked for advice on customizing the toolbar in Outlook and deploying it sitewide (this could contain funky buttons to forms, org. Intranet etc). One way to do it is with a COM Add-In, from But I couldn't figure out how to use it.

Anyway, a handy alternative is to customize your own toolbar in Outlook, which then modifies a file called outcmd.dat in your base unit. Copy this .dat file, and then ghost it out to users sitewide. For me, this is much easier.

  10-Apr-2003  05:21
  10-Apr-2003  13:24   
Note, however, that the outcmd.dat file occasionally becomes corrupt and has to be deleted, losing not just the user's customizations but yours, too.
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