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Why won't this work right in 2007 (It does in 2003)
I have the following code where I'm grabing the entire document from Word, and pasting the contents into the body of an Outlook email message (HTML is the default format for my messages). The Word document is in .mht format, and it's a mail merge document that has already been merged.

Here is the code:

object start = WordApp.MergeDoc.Content.Start;
object end = WordApp.MergeDoc.Content.End;
Word.Range range = WordApp.MergeDoc.Range(ref start, ref end);


//mail is an active outlook mail message object

mail.HTMLBody = (string)Clipboard.GetDataObject().GetData(DataFormats.Html);

In 2003, I'd get the correctly formatted/merged document like this:

Dear Jim:

Thank you for taking the time to talk to me today. etc......

But now, in 2007 I'm getting this:

Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000195 EndHTML:0000021989 StartFragment:0000020680 EndFragment:0000021949 SourceURL:file:///C:\Users\Bob\Documents\MarketWare\Form_Emails\Thank%20You%20Letter.mht
Dear Jim:

Thank you for taking the time to talk to me today. etc......

What can I do to correct this?


Bob Bartel

  23-Jan-2010  15:16
  23-Jan-2010  18:02   
Beats me. Maybe you'd have better luck sticking with Word objects and working directly Word.Document returned by mail.GetInspector.WordEditor.
  23-Jan-2010  18:12   
I'd love to if the approach works for both 2003/2007. Can you direct me to some documentation where I can become familiar with the object model of the WordEditor?

I have your book Microsoft Outlook 2007 you cover any of this in there?

  23-Jan-2010  19:30   
I found it...well, in lots of places...your book and the net. Thanks for giving me the idea.

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