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Script to ask for category when sending email.
I file all my emails by category. I would like to be able to have outlook remind me to set a category for the email if I haven't already done so. Setting a category prior to sending has the benefit that any replies would come back with the same category and could be sorted upon arrival. Anyone have examples of a script that could do this?

  11-Jan-2013  10:35
  11-Jan-2013  16:42   
I did a quick test. I do not think a category can be forced upon the receiver.
  15-Jan-2013  13:45   
Niton. Thank you for the link. The 2nd macro listed on the page did exactly what I wanted. I wasn't wanting to force the category on the recipient but to have the email I send to be automatically "filed". I have a rule to BCC myself on all sent email as ~90% of the emails I send need to be retained under the business rules. If I don't want to choose a category I can click cancel and all is good. It's an extra step some of the time but mostly it saves steps.

I also did the registry change listed in the article which will send the category on to the recipient. Well, it will at least send it to the exchange server where it may be stripped due to policy. I'm not sure on that yet. I will reevaluate this if I receive negative feedback from recipients but I expect that most will ignore it. If my categories are able to reach the recipients this will have the added benefit of categorizing any replies to my emails.

For anyone interested: I organize my inbox by Category then by date. I have rules to automatically categorize many of the emails I get. I then use Quick Step buttons to file emails after reading/acting on them. Uncategorized emails I use a "Categorize & Done" button and for emails already with a category I just use a "Done" button. Both of these file the message in a "Review Complete" folder that holds all necessary email for 3 months before it is archived.

Well, probably more info than anyone wanted but this is something that has been on my wish list for quite some time.

Thanks Again,
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