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Outlook Add-in Samples Built with Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office

This known samples is provided for the convenience of developers interested in explore the ability of Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office to create Outlook add-ins. There's no guarantee that any particular sample will be suitable for a specific application, but you will find many basics here related to iterating folders, setting up event handlers, adding custom toolbar buttons, sending messages, etc.

When you are ready to move from reading samples to creating your own VSTO add-ins, start with these templates from Outlook MVP Ken Slovak:

Building a Custom Add-in for Outlook 2007 Using Windows Presentation Foundation Fulvio Giaccari C# Separates presentation and Outlook layers for an add-in to generate email confirmations for a travel agency
CRM Integration for Outlook Microsoft C# Sample with white papers on integrating Outlook with line-of-business data using web services and a local SQL Server Express database for the offline store. For discussions and code updates, see Outlook Integration Sample Workspace.
HelloWorld Sean Campbell C#
Demonstrates basic email message and task creation.
HTMLView Microsoft C# Provides a custom HTML view of a folder summarizing completed and uncompleted tasks and unread and flagged email messages
My.Blogs David Hill & John Durant (Microsoft) VB.NET Creates an RSS aggregator inside Outlook using the My.Blogs.DLL from the GotDotNet community. Shows how to manage toolbars in multiple Explorer windows and display/hide toolbar buttons depending on the type of item selected.
Outlook the Way You Want It Ty Anderson VB.NET Create a simple VSTO add-in that displays a custom appointment winform whenever the user opens an Outlook appointment.
OutlookEvents Microsoft C# Shows how to create event handlers for new, changed, or deleted items in multiple folders. Includes a custom toolbar button.
Property Page Sample Jay B. Harlow VB.NET Demonstrates how to add a property page for an Outlook add-in's settings.
Redirecting Outlook Reminders Sean Campbell C#
Generates Outlook reminder alerts for display on another computer.
Remote Calendars   C# Open source project to allow Outlook 2003/2007 users should to subscribe, reload and delete a generic remote iCalendar (RFC 2445).
Saving a Custom Toolbar's Position Sue Mosher VB.NET Shows how to use user-scoped settings in Visual Studio 2005 to save the toolbar's position information in a user.config XML file and restore the toolbar to that position with Outlook starts
SearchFolderLikeThis Microsoft VB.NET Shows how to read data from a selected message, display it in a Windows form, then use it to create a new Outlook search folder automatically and display that folder. Includes a custom toolbar button.
SharePoint integration Mads Nissen   Proof-of-concept project to store Outlook messages in SharePoint document libraries.
ShortcutBar Microsoft C# Adds a custom CommandBar to Outlook with multiple buttons, capable of functioning in multiple Explorer windows
Simple Email Addin Ty Anderson VB.NET Creates linked task, appointment, or note items from email messages
Creating an Outlook Task Add-in Solution with Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office John Durant VB.NET Exports tasks to an XML document viewed with two XSL style sheets. Shows how to add custom toolbar buttons that are context-sensitive -- appearing only in task folders or only when a certain type of item is selected. Demonstrates how to fill a ListView from the results of an AdvancedSearch operation. Uses a web service to connect to additional data and display it in a Windows form.
WhileYouWereOut Microsoft VB.NET Shows how to create and send an Outlook message in HTML or plain text format. Also demonstrates how to handle the possibility that the user will receive an Outlook "object model guard" security prompt on send. Includes a custom toolbar button.
X4UTools Helmut Obertanner C# Adds a custom toolbar that can work on multiple Explorer windows, with a drop-down list and button to create message with company name and time stamp in the subject. Creates and adds a Personal Folders .pst file to the current Outlook session. Demonstrates how to add a property page to the Tools | Options dialog. Demonstrates how to load and store both application and user settings.
Xml Export Sample Jay B. Harlow VB.NET  
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